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RSQM Award

Thames Valley Partnership is a Registered Charity and through its Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service (TVRJS) is at the leading edge of Restorative Justice in the UK.

We are a recipient of the Howard League’s prestigious Community Sentence Award (2010) and were one of the first to be awarded the national Restorative Service Quality Mark. We are an internationally recognised centre of excellence and have pioneered the delivery of restorative justice for adults in the criminal justice system since 2000.

Thames Valley Partnership was involved with an EU funded collaboration which explored the implementation of the EU directive (2012/29/EU) establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime and promoted access to RJ for victims.  We piloted the offer of RJ to victims of crime and the two articles below describe our findings.

European Forum Newsletter V16 (Sep 2015)

Restoring the Balance, Participants’ Views – June 2015 (Final Report)

For more information on our RJ programme please visit the dedicated TVRJS website or email  if you have a specific query.

Restorative Justice programme awarded TPQM

The Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service (TVRJS) has recently achieved the  Training Provider Quality Mark (TPQM),  a quality mark awarded by the Restorative Justice Council to  restorative training providers who meet the RJC’s rigorous and exacting criteria.

“Through achieving the TPQM, Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service has shown its commitment to providing high quality restorative practice training. I would like to congratulate all the team members for their accomplishment.”

Chris Straker, the RJC’s interim Chief Executive

Find out more about TPQM or visit the TVRJS website


Published earlier this week, a report by HMI Inspectorate of Probation on the thematic inspection of Probation Supply Chains commends the Partnership’s restorative justice service (TVRJS) on the ‘high standard’ of its work. The full 75 page, which was highly critical and where the probation supply chain is described as ‘bleak and exasperating’, contained only a couple of other examples of good practice. Read the full report here and in particular see page 30 …

”  There were few unusual or niche services identified that were addressing more-specialist needs or delivering innovative practice. The strongest example was Thames Valley Partnership’s ‘facilitating restorative justice conferencing’ service. This provider was a well-regarded and established organisation, undertaking difficult and delicate work in complex cases. It had a history of working with probation services over many years. Its delivery model and the extent of its provision had been altered, not necessarily for the better, because of its contractual terms with the CRC, and these were set to change further. Within the cases we inspected, its management oversight, commitment to staff training and delivery of restorative justice were of a high standard”. 


Good practice example: Restorative justice conferencing in Thames Valley
Jim received an 18-month custodial sentence for a bomb hoax at his local hospital, having been taken to the accident and emergency department because of concerns about his level of alcohol intake. On release from prison, he was referred to a restorative justice worker, who made extensive enquiries to identify the staff involved in the incident who would be willing to participate in a conference. An initial meeting took place and Jim was supported through this challenging process. The restorative justice worker kept the responsible officer up to speed with progress and updated the records appropriately. Alongside this work, the responsible officer ensured that the other elements of Jim’s supervision plan were completed, including attendance at a local substance misuse agency, referrals to an ETE intervention and a home visit.

RSQM and APS renewed!

The Partnership is delighted to announce the renewal of two of its key programme accreditations.

The RSQM award to Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service (TVRJS) was recently renewed for a further 3 years. TVRJS were one of the first organisations in the UK to receive the Restorative Justice Council’s Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM) back in 2014. Feedback from the recent assessment highlighted the service’s strengths in a number of areas including the strong and effective working relationships with partners and the work of the senior team members which has enhanced the quality of the RJ processes being delivered.

On another note, the New Leaf mentoring team also saw their Approved Provider Standard being renewed. The APS logo is a national quality standard mark which is recognised by funders and commissioners as evidence of safe and competent practice. For a project such as New Leaf, it is the equivalent of an Oscar!

Well done to both teams for all their hard work!

Our RJ Ambassadors

Our Restorative Justice  Ambassadors have been through RJ themselves and support us by telling their own stories to key audiences to spread the word about restorative justice. We are very grateful to them for their time and commitment to our work; their stories are so powerful and have much more impact than anything we can say on their behalf. They also take part in media interviews for us from time to time.

View one of our  Ambassador video clips


Award for TVRJS and HMP Bullingdon!

HMP Bullingdon was recently presented with an Award by the Chris Donovan Trust for being a Restorative Prison. The Chris Donovan Trust was set up by Ray and Vi, the parents of Chris Donovan who was killed by a gang of young men some years ago. Ray and Vi insisted on meeting the men who killed their son and have since visited prisons and schools talking about their experiences. Read more …

Key Achievements and Highlights





2010: The Partnership is awarded the Howard League’s prestigious Community Sentence Award and are one of the first to be awarded the national Restorative Service Quality Mark.

Spring 2015:  Thames Valley Partnership is awarded a three year contract by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Thames Valley to deliver a new Victim-Led and Pre-Sentence RJ service across the Thames Valley.

October 2015 House of Lords event : The new Victim-Led and Pre-Sentence Restorative Justice  Service is launched at a prestigious event at the Lords., hosted by Lord Blair of Boughton (former Met. Police Commissioner and then Chair of the Partnership) in collaboration with Anthony Stansfeld (PCC for Thames Valley).

Spring 2016,  Justice Select Committee Enquiry :  TVRJS provided written evidence to the Committee and in the April Ray Fishbourne, Chair of  TVRJS  Advisory Group and strategic lead for Restorative Justice for Thames Valley Partnership, gave verbal evidence to the Justice Select Committee’s Inquiry on RJ.  The purpose of the session was to look at the effectiveness of Restorative Justice, the progress made towards the Ministry of Justice’s action plan and obstacles facing the delivery of high quality RJ.

View a copy of the report here  or listen and watch Ray’s evidence see this link to Parliament Live TV.

November 2016: TVRJS hold  their Anniversary  event – celebrating  15 years of working in partnership to deliver Restorative Justice in the Thames Valley.


Publications for Restorative Justice

“Improving Knowledge And Practice of Restorative Justice” – 2012, Kiel University of Applied Sciences

Wait ‘Til Eight” (An Essential Start-Up Guide to NOMS RJ Scheme Implementation) – 2013 prepared by Thames Valley Partnership

Top Ten messages (Lessons learned from the regional launch shows for RJ Capacity Building Initiative) – 2013

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