Publications for Supporting Offenders and their families

Family Matters Project Report 2006 – 2009

The Support Needs of Offenders and their Families – June 2010

The Support Needs of Offenders and their Families (Exec Summary) – June 2010

Family Approaches to the Criminal Justice System – Exec Summary (Dr Sam Wright March 2014)

Family Support at Court Evaluation Report – May 2014

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Relative Importance Conference March 2011

The Relative Importance Conference held in Buckinghamshire on 31st March 2011 brought together around 80 key professionals from Children’s Services, HMPS, Probation and Children’s Centres from across the South East.   The event was aimed at encouraging an integrated approach and improved strategic coordination across services to increase the potential for successful resettlement offenders whilst improving early intervention with the vulnerable children in these families.

The day saw positive support and commitment to driving this agenda forward and a selection presentation material from the day is available below:

1. Revolving Doors Agency
2. Dr Sam Wright
3. St Mungo’s
4. Example Areas (Oxfordshire)5. Example Areas (Brighton & Hove)
6. Example Areas (Kent, CAFE Project)
7. Action for Prisoners’ Families
8. Barnardo’s 
9. NOMS Perspective
Example Areas (Reading)

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Family Matters Network Conference (July 2009)

The 2009 Conference offered the opportunity to hear from the various Family Matters networks from across the Thames Valley, to review examples of good practice and learn about the latest e-learning resources. If you would like further information about how to access the SCIE e-learning material please contact for further details.

  1. Every Child Matters meets the Children & Families Pathway
  2. From the Outside – Reading Borough Council
  3. Children Visiting Prison – Kids VIP
  4. Working with the Families & Children of Prisoners
  5. The Role of Probation

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Family Matters Conference (November 2007)

The conference explored a multi-agency approach to integrating support and services for the families and children of prisoners and offenders, and was attended by practitioners as well as strategic leads/policy makers from the the following fields :- prison, probation, education & behavioural support, community safety, safeguarding and childrens centres.

  1. Conference Summary (Patsy Townsend)
  2. Impromptu Address (Fiona MacTaggart, MP)
  3. Speech (Hilary Armstrong, MP)
  4. Family Matters – Sharing the Model (Patsy Townsend)
  5. NOMS – Children & Families Pathway (Gerry Marshall)
  6. NOMS Debate
  7. Children of Prisoners (SCIE)
  8. Workshop 1: The Sunshine Centre (Jill Edge & James Campbell)
  9. Workshop 2: Policies & Practice in Schools (Eileen Thompson & Nathalie Downing)
  10. Workshop 3: Parenting ‘across the wall’ – Family Links (Verity Lowe)
  11. Workshop 4: Improving Practice in Prison Establishments (HM Prison Service)
  12. Key Speaker Biographies
  13. Questions for the Panel

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Family Matters Conference (November 2004)

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