Building Better Outcomes

We provide innovative services and non-judgemental quality support to victims, offenders and families involved in or impacted by criminal, civil and family justice issues. Through support, early intervention and reducing reoffending we keep communities safe and contribute towards reducing crime and the fear of crime. We always keep the people we support at the heart of our services and deliver what they want and need.

We believe that everyone is of equal value as  a human being. We believe that those who are disadvantaged or marginalised because of their familial or social situation, poor education or circumstances over which they feel they have little or no control, deserve to have choices and the chance of a better life.

Peoples lives, and those of their families, can be damaged by crime for a number of reasons – our mission is to help protect and support them equally and without judgement,  to intervene early to prevent future lives being blighted by crime in the same way and to work towards establishing longer lasting solutions to crime in our communities.

Our Aims

Our strong value base and belief in social justice keeps our mission focussed.

This is to :

  • offer a range of protective and supportive services to  victims of crime
  • support the reintegration of offenders back  into the community and help them desist from criminal activity
  • work with vulnerable families impacted  by crime
  • provide positive  interventions in the lives of young people
  • help break  familial cycles of abusive or criminal behaviour
  • offer restorative practice to heal the harm caused by crime
  • work without judgement and inclusively
  • collaborate and work in partnership for best effect
  • work strategically towards longer term, lasting solutions
  • share, disseminate and help embed good practice
  • offer all of above with a  restorative, not punitive, approach

Please visit our individual programme pages here to see how we achieve this in practice.