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Beyond Physical – It’s Everyone’s Business

The Partnership was pleased to be able to support Beyond Physical – It’s Everyone’s Business (March 2017) an event looking at coercive control in the context of domestic abuse.  The event, hosted by  The Thames Valley Domestic Abuse Scrutiny Panel and sponsored by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Thames Valley, received very positive feedback – presentation material can be seen below:

A Survivor’s Perspective
Coercive Control – Identifying and Responding (J Monckton-Smith)
Prosecuting Coercive Control (CPS Thames Valley)
The Continuum of Coercive Control (E Stark)

Useful Links:
Dr Jane Monckton-Smith
Evan Stark Ph.D  

Crown Prosecution Service 


For related material, see TVDV; Victims of domestic violence

Relative Importance Conference March 2011

The Relative Importance Conference held in Buckinghamshire on 31st March 2011 brought together around 80 key professionals from Children’s Services, HMPS, Probation and Children’s Centres from across the South East.   The event was aimed at encouraging an integrated approach and improved strategic coordination across services to increase the potential for successful resettlement offenders whilst improving early intervention with the vulnerable children in these families.

The day saw positive support and commitment to driving this agenda forward and a selection presentation material from the day is available below:

1. Revolving Doors Agency
2. Dr Sam Wright
3. St Mungo’s
4. Example Areas (Oxfordshire)5. Example Areas (Brighton & Hove)
6. Example Areas (Kent, CAFE Project)
7. Action for Prisoners’ Families
8. Barnardo’s 
9. NOMS Perspective
Example Areas (Reading)

Find out more about our work with offenders and their families

For related material, see Family Matters

Stop It Now! Training Event – 27th January 2011

For related material, see Stop It Now

Young Victims & Witnesses Event 22 Nov 2010

See some of the key presentations from the day

Pete Wallis (Oxfordshire YOT) – SAFE
Miriam Minty – Commission for Victims & Witnesses
Judy Sturley – Young Witness Support Service

For related material, see Young Victims

19 May 2010 – Improving Health, Supporting Justice

For related material, see Improving Health, Supporting Justice

2009 Conference – Honour Based Violence

For related material, see Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage

Hate Crime Conference – 2009

LCJB Challenging Hate Crime 2009 – Pete Davies, Head of Diversity, Thames valley Police

For related material, see Hate Crime

Behind Closed Doors Forum – Nov 2009

DV – Implications for Mental Health (Julia Worms) 

For related material, see Behind Closed Doors; Mental Health

Family Matters Network Conference (July 2009)

The 2009 Conference offered the opportunity to hear from the various Family Matters networks from across the Thames Valley, to review examples of good practice and learn about the latest e-learning resources. If you would like further information about how to access the SCIE e-learning material please contact for further details.

  1. Every Child Matters meets the Children & Families Pathway
  2. From the Outside – Reading Borough Council
  3. Children Visiting Prison – Kids VIP
  4. Working with the Families & Children of Prisoners
  5. The Role of Probation

For related material, see Family Matters; Resources

Aspects of Abuse – Adolescents (May 2009)

Due to the popularity of the previous event around Adolescent behaviour we ran this content a second time but with the addition of two new key contributors:

For related material, see Aspects of Abuse

12th March 2009 – SHOUT Seminar Presentations

  1. RSL March Seminar 2009 – OCHA
  2. Getting Alongside, Staying Alongside – Jeremy Spafford
  3. Unpicking the Policy Agenda – Spurgeons

For related material, see Shout

No Joke! Schools Pack launch (March 2009)

For related material, see No Joke!

Making Good Conference – November 2008

This particular event examined and summarised the lessons learnt form this initiative, offered an opportunity to share knowledge and learning with practioners working in this field and looked also at current policy thinking on unpaid work.

A selection of the main presentations is offered here – for the final Assessment Report please see our Publications sections

  1. Unpaid Work – Community Payback (David Mead, NOMS)
  2. Engaging Communities in Fighting Crime (Miriam Minty)
  3. Making Good – An Assessment (Tania Wickham and Rob Allen)

For related material, see Making Good

Behind Closed Doors Forum – Oct 2008

Services Around Young People

Julia Worms – Services Around Young People
Chris Greenwood – Do the Right Thing Supporting Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse
Talking To Mum – Ravi Thiara

Examples of Best Practice from across the Thames Valley region
Services for Young People in Bucks – Susan Moss
Berkshire Update – Sophie Crowe
West Berkshire Update – Jo McIntyre
Children Affected by Domestic Abuse Group
Women’s Aid Refuge
Childrens Services – Sarah Hunt & Vicki Wiltshire

For related material, see Behind Closed Doors

Aspects of Abuse – Adolescents (July 2008)

Exploring the theme from the viewpoint of both the adolescent victim and the adolescent with violent or abusive behaviour.

For related material, see Aspects of Abuse

Behind Closed Doors Forum – Feb 2008

Domestic Abuse and Substance Misuse
1. Alcohol & Its Wider Impact – Julia Worms and Pat Wallace
2. Domestic Abuse & Substance Misuse – Julia Worms
3. Forced Marriages – Hannah Buckley
4. Stella Project Presentation – Karen Bailey

For related material, see Alcohol & Drug Misuse; Behind Closed Doors

Family Matters Conference (November 2007)

The conference explored a multi-agency approach to integrating support and services for the families and children of prisoners and offenders, and was attended by practitioners as well as strategic leads/policy makers from the the following fields :- prison, probation, education & behavioural support, community safety, safeguarding and childrens centres.

  1. Conference Summary (Patsy Townsend)
  2. Impromptu Address (Fiona MacTaggart, MP)
  3. Speech (Hilary Armstrong, MP)
  4. Family Matters – Sharing the Model (Patsy Townsend)
  5. NOMS – Children & Families Pathway (Gerry Marshall)
  6. NOMS Debate
  7. Children of Prisoners (SCIE)
  8. Workshop 1: The Sunshine Centre (Jill Edge & James Campbell)
  9. Workshop 2: Policies & Practice in Schools (Eileen Thompson & Nathalie Downing)
  10. Workshop 3: Parenting ‘across the wall’ – Family Links (Verity Lowe)
  11. Workshop 4: Improving Practice in Prison Establishments (HM Prison Service)
  12. Key Speaker Biographies
  13. Questions for the Panel

For related material, see Family Matters

No Joke! seminar (November 2007)

For related material, see No Joke!

Patterns & Profiles of Abuse (October 2007)

Thames Valley Partnership hosted a strategic conference on 2 October 2007, which looked at Patterns & Profiles of Abuse: domestic abuse, sexual offending and child sexual abuse – the implications for mental health. In addition to a number of  key speakers from the fields of forensic psychology, psychiatry, public health and domestic violence consultancy, six specialist workshops were also available. The event attracted well over 100 visitors.

Here are copies of presentations made at the conference:

Further reading:

For related material, see Families & Relationships; Mental Health

Behind Closed Doors Forum – Oct 2007

1. Overview of Cross Government Action Plan & Initiative (Julia Worms)
2. Child Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation (Debbie Beadle)
3. Youth Outreach Pilot Project (Laura Colclough)

For related material, see Behind Closed Doors

No Joke! seminar (May 2007)

For related material, see No Joke!

Domestic and Sexual Abuse – Presenting Offender Profiles (November 2006)

For related material, see Aspects of Abuse; Perpetrators

Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Mental Health Implications (May 2006)

For related material, see Aspects of Abuse; Mental Health

Bottom Up and Top Down – Family Matters Conference March 2014

The day showcased the work of the Family Matters project over the preceding  three years by disseminating findings from the Evaluation of the newly established Court Desk service. We heard from areas where there are examples of good integrated practice across Thames Valley and were also joined by colleagues providing us with the current national context and latest developments.  The event was well attended by key leads from the Criminal Justice agencies and Children’s and Family Support services:  A selection of material:

Family Approaches to the Criminal Justice System – Exec Summary (Dr Sam Wright March 2014)
Patsy Townsend (Thames Valley Partnership)
Family Approaches to the Criminal Justice System
Family Matters at Woodhill Prison
Tim Carter (Barnardos)



For related material, see Resources; Supporting Offenders and their Families

RJ International Conference

The presentations below were given at a two day conference held in Oxford over the 27th and 28th November 2013.    The conference and workshop day, entitled ‘Restoring the Balance’, brought together RJ projects, practitioners, policy makers, academics and participants from across Europe (and the world) to share practice and learn from each other. The collaboration explored how to engage victims in RJ, whilst ensuring that processes are safe and prevent the possibility of further victimisation. The events were part of a collaboration between agencies in the UK, Thames Valley Partnership, Thames Valley Probation and Victim Support and agencies across Europe. The events were attended by members of the collaborating agencies, who also took part in study visits and internal meetings. The collaboration, involving Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, the University of Zagreb in Croatia, the Probation and Mediation Services in the Czech Republic and Catalonia, the KU University in Leuven, Belgium and the European Forum for Restorative Justice involves a total of nineteen partner agencies across Europe. EU LogoThe collaboration is funded by the European Union in order to promote RJ to victims; to ensure their safety in Restorative Justice processes; to identify best practice in relation RJ with victims and avoid revictimisation; and to prepare a manual of guidance and training materials. All of this work is undertaken to put into effect the relevant directives of the European Union which are helpfully explained by Marc Ceron ( President of CEP (European Organisation for Probation) and Deputy Director General of Probation in Catalonia) in the opening presentation. 27th November Workshop Day Material Marc Ceron, President of CEP Probation Ricarda Lummer, Kiel University of Applied Sciences Prof. Mladen Knezevic, University of Zagreb RJ Facilitators, UK Pilot Project Prof Otmar Hagemann, Kiel University of Applied Sciences Probation & Mediation Service, Czech Republic Linda Millington, Restorative Justice Council,UK Dr. Tinneke Van Camp, University of Sheffield 28th November Conference Day Material Johannes Sandmann Address Jo Tein, Schleswig-Holstein Association for Social Responsibility in Criminal Justice Dr Heather Strang, University of Cambridge Jemma Jewkes, Restorative Justice Council John Hayward-Cripps, Victim Support Geoff Emerson, Thames Valley Partnership Dr Nadia Wager, University of Bedfordshire Allan MaCrae, Youth Justice Regional Advisor (South), New Zealand

For related material, see

Risky Business Conference (May 2005)

For related material, see TVDV

Family Matters Conference (November 2004)

For related material, see Family Matters

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