We are firmly committed to sharing our lessons and ideas as widely as possible through our website, events, our reports, resource packs and publications – most of which are free. Please explore the lists below for a wide range of publications which you may find useful.

Here are  a few general documents about the Partnership itself :

Updated Brochure

The Partnership brochure has recently been updated – Brochure 2018

For related material, see

Publications for Restorative Justice

“Improving Knowledge And Practice of Restorative Justice” – 2012, Kiel University of Applied Sciences

Wait ‘Til Eight” (An Essential Start-Up Guide to NOMS RJ Scheme Implementation) – 2013 prepared by Thames Valley Partnership

European Forum Newsletter V16 (Sep 2015)
Restoring the Balance, Participants’ Views – June 2015 (Final Report)

Top Ten messages (Lessons learned from the regional launch shows for RJ Capacity Building Initiative) – 2013

For related material, see Restorative Justice

Publications for Creating Confidence in Justice

For related material, see Creating Confidence in Justice

Publications for Mental Health

  • Diversions & Networks – (2000) An  overview of Diversion, Community Support Schemes and Prison Provision for Mentally Disordered Offenders in the Thames Valley
  • Making the Network (Inside/Out) –  (March 2002)  Report of a seminar for Community & PRision staff working with Mentally Disordered offernders
  • Thames Valley Mental Health & Community Safety Vision: Implementiation Plan (Nov 2003)

For related material, see Mental Health

Publications for Alcohol & Drug Misuse

For related material, see Alcohol & Drug Misuse

Publications for Communities & Engagement

For related material, see Communities & Engagement

Publications for Crime, Offending & Anti-social Behaviour

For related material, see Crime, Offending & Anti-social Behaviour

Publications for Resettlement

For related material, see Resettlement

Publications for Arts Based Approaches

For related material, see Arts Based Approaches

Publications for Young People & Early Interventions

Family Matters 


Citizenship Awards

For related material, see Young People & Early Interventions

Publications for Domestic & Sexual Abuse

Behind Closed Doors

No Joke! 


Perpetrator Work

Stop it Now

For related material, see Domestic & Sexual Abuse

Publications for Making Good

 Making Good – An Assessment of Work Undertaken by Thames Valley Partnership
Making Good Project Summary 2008

For related material, see Making Good

Publications for Supporting Offenders and their families

Family Matters Project Report 2006 – 2009

The Support Needs of Offenders and their Families – June 2010

The Support Needs of Offenders and their Families (Exec Summary) – June 2010

Family Approaches to the Criminal Justice System – Exec Summary (Dr Sam Wright March 2014)

Family Support at Court Evaluation Report – May 2014

For related material, see Family Matters; Resources

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