Programme Archive

Over the years we have innovated, collaborated, challenged and influenced in a wide variety of ways, and over a huge number of programmes – therefore our expertise extends way beyond our currently active strands of work.  Many of these past projects are captured in the subject categories below, with links to associated publications and event material.  Much of this is still relevant and incredibly useful  information and will give you an idea of the breadth of our experience.  We we hope you find them inspiring reading!

Young People & Early Interventions

Earlier, preventive intervention in the lives of young people is preferable to picking up the pieces later on. So often dismissed as the ‘problem’, young people are the most vital […]

Families & Relationships

It is now recognized that certain factors can cause families to become trapped into a pattern or cycle of abusive behaviour. There is compelling evidence to suggest that the experiences and […]

Domestic and Sexual Abuse

Our work in this area focuses on violence and abuse which happens primarily within the home or is committed by a close friend or relative. It seeks to promote and […]

Crime, Offending and Anti-social Behaviour

Our belief is that positive change is possible for everyone. Therefore, a key objective is to maximise opportunities for offenders to make amends for their crime, develop constructive links with their […]

Engaging the Community

A guiding principle for the Partnership, running through our programmes, is community engagement – actively involving members of the community in influencing and driving the way services are delivered.  Our […]

Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Misuse of alcohol and/or drugs can lead to serious health problems as well as a number of  pyschological and social problems. These may include depression, mental health issues, violent behaviour […]

Mental Health

It is estimated that one in four people in the UK will experience mental health problems at some point – which could affect their family life, health, relationships, future prospects […]

Previous Arts Projects

Using creative practices has been a core element of the Partnership’s approach.  The Arts can help people to really engage with issues and explore things from a different perspective. It provides a relaxed, […]

Race & Ethnicity

The scope of the Partnership’s work continues to broaden and diversify – in recent years we  have undertaken a number of pieces of work around issues originating from cultural, social or racial differences […]

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