Community projects

We have brokered a number of projects set in the community: QuarreTiles in Aylesbury, Changing Walls in South Bucks and Gener8 in Newbury.

Our community project in Quarrendon in Aylesbury, QuarreTiles,  has been documented in a colourful record book which has been on display at the County Library in Aylesbury. A copy is available to view at the Quarrendon Community Centre and also in the County Reference Library.

Changing Walls was a community street art project in Iver and Iver Heath and, alongside our work in High Wycombe with Phat Kanz Street Art group, has helped form the basis of our current Street Art Project support pack – now available on our website.

Gener8 in Newbury worked with a local housing association to bring local communities together to make ceramic tiles for the outside of their community centre and to form the basis of a consultation process with residents.

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