Urban Beatz

Urban Beatz was a partnership project between Thames Valley Partnership, Aylesbury Vale District Council, South Bucks District Council, Wycombe District Council, Wycombe Swan and Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School.

Arts Council England South East provided funding for a year-long hip hop/street dance project to encourage young people who have not previously had a go to get involved in dance. Workshops led by Banxy and Joey D took place in Spring 2007, when the groups worked towards a major performance at The Wycombe Swan Town Hall in May 2007. The project supported a mentee system, training up a number of potential dance teachers who are now able to work in the Bucks area.

A DVD of the project is now available from Judy Munday (judy@thamesvalleypartnership.org.uk). To learn more about how we evaluated this and similar projects you might like to read SROI – Measurement for the Future.

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