Hate Crime

Hidden behind crime figures are people who are victims of crime purely because they belong, or appear to belong, to a group of people for whom the offender holds deep hatred. These ‘Hate Crimes’ as they have come to be known are criminal offences against a person or their property, motivated by hostility towards them based on a variety of factors such as:

  • Race, ethnicity, nationality or cultural origin
  • Religion
  • Sexual orentiation
  • Disability or mental health status
  • Learning difficulties
  • Gender or gender identity.

The impact of Hate Crime can range from annoyance and discomfort to serious violence and murder. Whatever the scale of the incident, we do know that the impact on an individual, their family and friends and sometimes their communities can be significant. Whilst 85% of all Hate Crime continues to be related to someone’s race, ethnicity or origin, we know the incidents of crime surrounding disability, sexual orientation, faith and gender are increasing.

Despite the impact of these offences however, Hate Crime still remains an under-reported and sometimes difficult to investigate crime.

In 2009 we worked with the  Thames Valley LCJB to run a conference around this subject.

Hate Crime Conference – 2009

LCJB Challenging Hate Crime 2009 – Pete Davies, Head of Diversity, Thames valley Police

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