Young People & Early Interventions

Earlier, preventive intervention in the lives of young people is preferable to picking up the pieces later on. So often dismissed as the ‘problem’, young people are the most vital part of the solution and for this reason we work pre-emptively to address potential problems and issues early on.

We have researched and developed a range of Early Intervention initiatives for several years and continue to promote earlier, preventive intervention with families, children and communities at risk as an integral part of community safety.

Our work focuses on both universal and targeted approaches – ie those services available to all families and communities for the support that they need, as well as a range of more specialist support and intervention for children and families whose personal/social situations mean that they may be at risk of getting caught up with crime or anti-social behaviour.

We believe that young people should be introduced to the principles of citizenship and responsibility from a very young age. By including young people as part of the solution to society’s challenges we are also working at developing and reinforcing a message that children and young people have an active part to play in looking after each other and taking responsibility.

Partners in this programme include schools, LEAs, Children’s Funds, Sure Start, Connexions, family centres and community groups.


Strengthening initiatives which seek to smooth the transition between primary and secondary school, particularly for young people already at risk in education.

Recognising Young Peoples’ Achievements

Support, recognition and awards for projects led by young people making a real and active difference in their communities.

Play it Straight

A pilot programme with Theatre ADAD using theatre-in-education techniques to engage young people excluded from school and at risk of offending by working in pupil referral units.

Family Matters & the Arts

We have supported our Family Matters programme and have worked in Aylesbury Young Offender Institution, Reading Prison and in the community. Our work in Reading supported Ballads of Reading Jail – […]

The Effects of Crime on Young People

An event on 22 November 2010  in Oxfordshire brought together nearly 60 key professionals, management and decisions-makers, as well as front line practitioners from a variety of statutory and voluntary […]

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