Protecting Victims

A core value of the Partnership has always been to offer support and inclusion for victims, in a variety of ways.  Much of this work focuses on  abuse which happens primarily within the home or is committed by a close friend or relative – domestic abuse.  We seek to promote and develop greater understanding and healthy debate around this subject  as well as encouraging improved inter-agency support around the protection of victims and the prevention of further abuse.

Even if they are not directly involved, children in particular can suffer indirectly from the debilitating effects of both abuse and crime long into their own adulthood.

Our current programmes of work specfically around support for victims are shown below (and you can also view our previous projects related to this topic)

Would you recognise the signs of relationship abuse?


The Partnership is supporting the Thames Valley OPPC in their Know this isn’t Love’ campaign which is raising awareness of  coercive control within relationships.   Find out more about coercive control here.

Many people associate domestic abuse with physical violence, but coercive control  recognises the damaging impact of other forms of abuse in relationships as well. Some examples of this type of abuse include:

Isolation from friends and family
Threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse by a perpetrator that is used to harm, punish or frighten their victim
Depriving someone of basic needs, such as food
Monitoring their time and activities
Taking control over aspects of their everyday life – where they can go, who they can see, what they can wear and when they can sleep
Repeatedly putting them down, such as saying ‘you’re worthless’
Humiliating, degrading or dehumanising someone
Controlling their finances
Making threats or intimidating

If you would like to learn more you can also visit the Partnership’s archive and read some interesting presentations and materials from the 2017 ‘Beyond Physical’ event which explored this topic.    

If you or someone you know is experiencing abusive or controlling behaviour in a relationship, don’t suffer in silence.

Contact Victims First on 0300 1234 148


The Thames Valley Domestic Abuse Strategy Group was set up to develop a more strategic approach to Domestic Abuse across all the key agencies in the area and to create stronger and more co-ordinated responses and services.


The Partnership is pleased to be facilitating the roll out of a brand new project which will dramatically improve the outcomes for known domestic violence victims.

Escaping Victimhood – Workshops

In 2001 the  Partnership started to support the work of  an organisation which looked at ways of meeting the needs of victims of serious crime and trauma.   Subsequently this was then formed into a new independent […]

Links for Protecting Victims

Useful external links  for victims (and those working to support victims) …

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  • Trust House Reading – confidential helpline 0118 9584033



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