Former TecSOS Programme Manager,  John Liversidge has been honoured with an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) for services to victims of domestic abuse. A retired Chief Superintendent, John came to  work for the Thames Valley Partnership in 2010 with the launch of the  TecSOS project  – and led the programme until his retirement in 2019.

Earlier this year, John travelled to Windsor, for the ceremony to be awarded his OBE. Back when TecSOS was an embryonic idea which was being tested, this was one of the places that John had gone to in order to test the signals and the technology so he felt it was a good full circle for him to be at Windsor to receive his award from Princess Anne. His wife and he had an amazing day and he was, as you would expect, humbled and proud to be there. Fast forward to the end of the event when John and Jackie are walking from the castle and back to the High Street.

There are a few people hanging around wondering why all these people in tails are walking around and one lady shouted to John and asked why he was there. He headed over to explain and in so doing described his work in providing technology to policing to support high risk domestic abuse victims. She turned to her friend who immediately told John that she was a local resident, she had been a repeat victim of DA for many years and this only ended when police provided her with a TecSOS device which resulted in an activation, an investigation and a prosecution and he is now in prison and she is safe!  She told him that he had saved her life and they embraced and shed a few tears.

What a wonderful way to start and end his service to the charity and the project that he enabled and got going for many years – and a great tale of survival.