The Partnership Team

View from our barn on a frosty morn!

The Partnership team has grown substantially over the last 3 years with the addition of the TVRJS and VFESS staff.  A small core team, and some of the programme staff, work out of an old converted barn in the picturesque village of Chilton, Buckinghamshire.  The remainder of the delivery staff work remote or from home.

Together  we bring considerable  expertise across a range of disciplines – we are committed to keeping in touch with a wide range of partners and in disseminating our findings  and sharing best practice through our frequent events,  forums and networks, practitioner training, publications and of course our website.

Core Team
Patsy Townsend – Director of the Partnership
Bron Jones – Communications Manager
Neil Owen – Finance and Office Manager
Jamie Mai – Finance & New Leaf Assistant

TecSOS Team
John Liversidge – TecSOS Project Manager
Bill Tillbrook – Deputy TecSOS Project Manager
Liam MacDougall – Deputy TecSOS Manager
John Shardlow – TecSOS Service Manager

Family Approaches Team
Sajida Khan – Family Matters Co-ordinator
Caroline Raimbach – Family Matters Co-ordinator

Restorative Justice Team
Colette Selwood – RJ Service  Manager
Ann Jansen-East – RJ Service Manager
Jo Vipan – RJ Referral Co-ordinator
Julie Tartakover – RJ Senior Practitioner
Helen Leney – RJ Senior Practitioner
Helen Edwards – RJ Senior Practitioner
Simon Choudhury – RJ Referral Co-ordinator (Victims Hub)

New Leaf Team
Judith Baker – New Leaf Programme Manager (joining in June 2018)
Mark Squire – Prison Support Worker
Tracy Harrison – Local Co-ordinator for Oxon and NPS Prison Worker
Jamie Mai–  New Leaf Administrator
Elaine Ansell – Prison Collection Support Worker
Sharon McAsey – Prison Collection Support Worker
Julian Baker – Prison Collection Support Worker

Kostas Panagiotou – VFESS Programme Manager
Sharon Moore – First Responder
Astrid Lambregts – Caseworker
Leanne Lewis – Caseworker
Kerry Worfolk – Caseworker
Lauren Phillips – Caseworker

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