RJ International Conference

The presentations below were given at a two day conference held in Oxford over the 27th and 28th November 2013.    The conference and workshop day, entitled ‘Restoring the Balance’, brought together RJ projects, practitioners, policy makers, academics and participants from across Europe (and the world) to share practice and learn from each other. The collaboration explored how to engage victims in RJ, whilst ensuring that processes are safe and prevent the possibility of further victimisation. The events were part of a collaboration between agencies in the UK, Thames Valley Partnership, Thames Valley Probation and Victim Support and agencies across Europe. The events were attended by members of the collaborating agencies, who also took part in study visits and internal meetings. The collaboration, involving Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, the University of Zagreb in Croatia, the Probation and Mediation Services in the Czech Republic and Catalonia, the KU University in Leuven, Belgium and the European Forum for Restorative Justice involves a total of nineteen partner agencies across Europe. EU LogoThe collaboration is funded by the European Union in order to promote RJ to victims; to ensure their safety in Restorative Justice processes; to identify best practice in relation RJ with victims and avoid revictimisation; and to prepare a manual of guidance and training materials. All of this work is undertaken to put into effect the relevant directives of the European Union which are helpfully explained by Marc Ceron ( President of CEP (European Organisation for Probation) and Deputy Director General of Probation in Catalonia) in the opening presentation. 27th November Workshop Day Material Marc Ceron, President of CEP Probation Ricarda Lummer, Kiel University of Applied Sciences Prof. Mladen Knezevic, University of Zagreb RJ Facilitators, UK Pilot Project Prof Otmar Hagemann, Kiel University of Applied Sciences Probation & Mediation Service, Czech Republic Linda Millington, Restorative Justice Council,UK Dr. Tinneke Van Camp, University of Sheffield 28th November Conference Day Material Johannes Sandmann Address Jo Tein, Schleswig-Holstein Association for Social Responsibility in Criminal Justice Dr Heather Strang, University of Cambridge Jemma Jewkes, Restorative Justice Council John Hayward-Cripps, Victim Support Geoff Emerson, Thames Valley Partnership Dr Nadia Wager, University of Bedfordshire Allan MaCrae, Youth Justice Regional Advisor (South), New Zealand

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