Many of these examples cover the same ground but are presented in various different formats. Adapt to your own situation! And use as an evidence tool and to support your ideas of working creatively with vulnerable groups.

Evaluation Tools and Downloads

Action Research – Self Reflective Enquiry [DOC 766KB]
Baseline Questionnaire- for use before the project starts [DOC 782KB]
Evaluation form for Artists [DOC 778KB]
Personal Reflective Evaluation [DOC 774KB]
An Example of an Evaluation Form for Young People [DOC 786KB]
Example of Evaluation Framework [DOC 782KB]
Experts on the Ground Phase 1 [PDF 1.1MB]
Experts on the Ground Phase 2 [PDF 2.6MB]
Parent/Staff/Student Reflection Tool [DOC 184KB]
Self Assessment Form [DOC 135KB]
Little Man Example Evaluation Tool [PPT 66KB]
Measuring the Impact Chart [DOC 70KB]
Participant Evaluation Survey [DOC 795KB]
Ten Top Tips for Talking [DOC 762KB]
The Argument- Evaluation Tool [PPT 796KB]
The Argument- Evaluation Slides [PDF 5.1MB]


Examples in downloadable Word or PDF or powerpoint