• What are the benefits?
  • How do we start to explain and justify this to others?
  • What targets of yours does it hit?
  • How can you make the activities help you in your work as support staff?

See also the Resources section and in particular The Arts Alliance which has some excellent publications.

More about Evidence and Impact download

The Art of Inclusion [PDF 313KB]

Challenging Youth Offending Behaviour with a creative twist [PDF 8.6MB]

Creativity and risk [DOC 778 KB]

Impact thougths from artists [DOC 774KB]

Impact-thoughts from support staff [DOC 995KB]

Social return on investment [PDF 172KB]

The at Risk Spectrum [DOC 29KB]

Why use the arts with vulnerable groups? [DOC 1.3MB]


Examples in downloadable Word or PDF or powerpoint