Ceramics Workshop

Subject: Ceramics Theme/topic: Coil Building Week: 1


  • To introduce students to the technique of coil building
  • To introduce students to the methods of decoration/using coloured slips
  • SEAL
  • Working towards a body of work to raise money for charity.

Knowing myself and understanding my feelings


Working towards goals

Persistence and resilience and optimism

Evaluation and review

Learning Objectives

Know and understand:

  • The tools of coil building
  • The techniques of coil building
  • The techniques of decoration including mark-making, texture and coloured slips

Be able to:

  • Build and decorate  their own coil pot


Resources: wooden boards, banding wheels, sculpting tools, decoration tools, clay, coloured slips

Order and timing of task: Task: Description of task:
1. 5 mins Introduction
  • To aims and objectives

2. 5 mins



  • Set students up with work station, including:
  • wooden board
  • banding wheel
  • sculpting tools
  • clay
  • Explain to students the function of the materials
  • Discuss the importance of health and safety

3. 35 mins



and practical

  • The coil building technique will be broken into steps, which will be

demonstrated and then practiced by the students:

  • Ø Step 1 – rolling the clay into coils
  • Ø Step 2 – making base of pots
  • Ø Step 3 – smooth base with tools
  • Ø Step 4 – continue to add coils to base, smoothing with tool
    • During this time students are encouraged to ask questions about the process

4. 20 mins



  • Class will look at different ways of decoration including mark making, texture and colour. This will begin as a demonstration of each of the techniques and allow the students to choose their own form of decoration
  • During this time teacher will facilitate
5. 10 mins Tidy
  • Students have time to clear and tidy their work stations

6. 5 mins



  • Discuss what students have achieved in the lesson in terms of:
  • Knowledge, understanding and practical skills of coil building and decoration
  • Ask students how they think they have worked e.g. on task, focused etc.

Ceramics Workshop Download

Download the documents below for more ceramics based exercises
Ceramics Workshops [DOC 881KB]