Dance Workshops

Warm Up Game Clip

Anyone Who…

In a circle a person in the middle says “ANYONE WEARING BLUE TROUSERS”. Then all people with blue trousers must cross the circle and find a new position in the circle. The person in the middle also finds a space. They must cross the middle before finding a new space and hopefully the same person is no longer standing in the middle and the game continues again finding different things people may be wearing. You can also say “ANYONE WHO ..”.


Point to 1 person, they have to squat, 2 people on either side have to splat each other, quicker one wins
In a circle you point to one of the young people. They have to squat as quickly as they can. The people either side of the squatee must splat each other. Whoever is the slower must sit down. This goes on till there are just two people left. They then must stand back to back and have to step every time you say a vegetable but if you say a word that is not a vegetable they must turn and splat each other. The quicker one wins.
You can add:
a) James Bond. When you point and say James Bond the person on either side must drape on each should and say: “Oooh James”.
b) NUKE. When you point and “NUKE” the person must make the shape of a missile and say “5,4,3,2,1”.
c) You say “ROLL-ROLL” and they say “ring-ring”.
d) You say “DJ” and they say “selector”.

Thumb on palm game

Count to 3 lift thumb and catch next persons thumb.

Blindfold Trust

Verbally lead person through an obstacle course.

Memory Game

Generation game: showing a number of items, remove them and get group to remember what they were.

Dance Ideas Exercises Download

Download the documents below for more dance based workshop ideas
Dance and ice breakers [DOC 803KB]