Drama Workshops

Drama and Introductory Games

Walk jump and jump clap to show new ways of thinking.

Get everyone to walk around and follow instructions. walk….stop, jump….clap. sit…..stand…. clap.. sit …stop…walk etc. After a while explain that you are going to couple the instructions walk with stop, jump with clap, sit with stand. When you say one action in the pair they must do the opposite action. i.e when you say walk they must stop. When you say jump they must clap. When you say clap they must jump when you say sit they stand and when you say stand they sit.
You can play so that those who get it wrong have to sit out.

What are you doing?

All the participants pair up. Within each pair, one player (it doesn’t matter who goes first) asks the other “(their name), What are you doing?” The second player responds
by naming whatever action comes to mind, from “I’m building Frankenstein” to “I’m dancing in a ballet” or whatever. The first player then immediately starts performing whatever action the other player named, and while they are doing so, the second
player asks them, “____, what are you doing?” and enacts whatever action the other person names. This goes very quickly, and once it gets started, both players should
always be doing something physically. Theoretically, this can go back and forth forever.
One great way to get everybody started is to declare an action yourself that one person in each group starts with, and the other will then begin the questioning.

Extension…Do this in a whole class circle at speed so that lots of people involved in quick succession one after the other.


Group sits in a circle and one person starts to count. They can say up to 3 consecutive numbers e.g 123 the next person must start with the next number and they can say up to 3 numbers too e.g 4,5 the next may say 6 and the next 678 and so on right up to 21 the person who says 21 is out and must sit out of the circle or fold arms to show that they are out. The person to their right begins again at 1 until all the participants are out.

Drama Workshop Download

Download the documents below for more drama and ice breakers
Drama and ice breakers [DOC 807KB]
Devising issue based theatre [DOC 29KB]