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This exercise is developed from a John Stevens exercise as published in “Search & Reflect”
Aim of the game is to start a group working together rhythmically, with 2 beats; ‘one’ & ‘two’
Step by step guide:

Stage 1:
1. Workshop leader explains that only the numbers ‘one’ and ‘two’ are to be used
2. The workshop leader starts by saying ‘one’
3. moving clockwise the next participant says ‘two’
4. the next participant says ‘one’
5. then ‘two’
6. and so on until everyone has said their number

Stage 2:
7. Explain that the gap between the first ‘one’ and ‘two’ sets the tempo
8. Get the group to repeat stages 2 – 6 but concentrating on keeping the gap the same

Stage 3:
9. This time around repeat stages 2 – 6, however once the participant has said their number they keep saying it
10. By the time it gets around to the end everyone in the group should be saying either ‘one’ or ‘two’
11. Try doing this again but rather than coming in one at a time (as per stages 1 – 6) try getting the group to come in straight away

Stage 4:
This is the harder bit
12. There is now a space for ‘one’ and a space for ‘two’ by this point everyone in the group should be saying one or the other.
13. Start the group going
14. Get them to change the number they are saying
15. This involves doing two things:
16. The easy one is saying the other number
17. The harder is saying it at a different time

To demonstrate this say the Bold/underlined words out loud, the others under your breath:
One two one two One two one two One two one two
Changing beat:
One two one two One two one two One two one two

Comments from other participants on the “Barnstorming” Day
Good ideas for introducing music and rhythm that can be developed in a PRU environment. Basic rhythm sessions are good to encourage focus, introduce rythms and to get the group responding to each other and useful also for eye contact and body language. Game theory would be interesting to introduce with young people who may enjoy working out the patterns and combinations.

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