Photography Workshops

Basic Photography work sheet

- Things to consider:


  • Power relations between subject and photographer.
  • Camera Angle – high angle, low angle, zoomed in.
  • Balance the composition.
  • ‘Rule of thirds’


  • What’s in the Background?
  • Fill the frame with your subject.
  • Take lots of frames for each shot.
  • Landscape or Portrait


  • Focus on the eyes
  • Or decide where in the image you want the focus.
  • Depth of field
  • Foreground & Background


  • What type of light are you using? i.e. The sun, or artificial lighting (flash)
  • Where is the light source?
  • Don’t shoot into the light (unless you want a silhouette)
  • Use the light to light up the side of the face.


  • Gaze – where do you want them to look? Away from the camera or directly at the lens
  • Theme or story of photograph
  • Emotion. What kind of emotions do you feel from the image?

Comments from other participants on the “Barnstorming” Day
It is very inspiring to see how relevant new arts forms be – eg light graffiti, using torches. Photography is also a useful medium for looking at portraits and thinking about angle, size and colour. This is a great way to enable young people to explore their own lives without actually having to talk about it. But you can also trigger discussion about their lives, self awareness, exploration of self and others.

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