Visual Workshops

Tinfoil Movement Sculptures Creations

This could be explored in more detail or simply used as a starting point. The group would then be divided into pairs and create freeze frames for each situation.

Each person will then do a “stick person” drawing of the other person’s movement. Then tinfoil can be used in strips and scrunched into the different shapes, with elongated “Giacometti” style legs and arms – (no focus should be put onto the figures looking realistic, so it is a good idea to distort the figure by making it elongated).

The figure can be joined together by smaller pieces of tinfoil scrunched over the top, and strengthened (if need) with thin wire wrapped around.

The figures can then stand up using blue tac under the feet. Participants can then refine the movement, by squeezing figures over structure. At this point the reaction and consequence could be played with by moving the figures for different movements. This could be photographed at different stages; also the scale and context of the figures could be played with by using photography, and positioning the figures in different places and photographing them from different angles (e.g. from underneath so the figure appears life size).

The whole activity can be simplified by taking the drama element out at the start and making the body shapes straight away. The participants could then start looking at the movement and interaction of the figures (once they are constructed.)

Comments from other participants on the “Barnstorming” Day

This was fantastic, easily repeatable and would be very accessible to young people who would be worried about ‘creating’. It uses easy cheap and innovative material. It could also open up a dialogue about emotions and reactions, which could be used cross curricular. You could also use it to think of ways to take it forward into photography or stop media animation

Tea Bag Throwing

Put a large roll/sheet of thick paper/card on the wall. Put a selection of different tea bags in warm water. Participants then need to throw the tea bags at the paper. The force of the throw and movement throwing needs to be varied. This can be made into part of the activity by getting participants to react to different thoughts or emotions when throwing.

Once the paper is completely covered with splats and drips, use graphite pencils to shade in gaps – varying in dark to light (by pressing hard or lightly) to create depth.

Visual Ideas Exercises Download

Download the documents below for more visual arts based exercises
26 Visual Arts Exercises [DOC 8.4MB]
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