A selection of useful Arts and Criminal Justice music resources

Search and Reflect by John Stevens
Founding music resource for using Music in community settings. The book largely follows a process of how to use improvisation with groups, but the activities are easily transferable. Recently come back into print therough Music Room.

Favella Rising
Inspiring documentary about a community music & arts organisation in Brazil, who started as aresponse to the drug crime and police corruption in Rio. They have since gone on to be an internationally touring organization, and have a profound affect on their Favella and those they work with.


Music organisations & onine Resources for leaders

Sound Sense
A UK-wide development agency developing and supporting community music, including the specialist National Music and Disability Information Service.

Music Leader
A national service providing support and guidance to music leaders working with children and young people. Includes substantial advice sections,

Youth Music
Youth Music is the leading UK children’s charity using music to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people.


Large Groups Samba Activities:

The Beatlife book
All you need to know to play/do/lead/run samba sessions.


Stomp – Rhythms of the World
Good DVD to watch and inspire those you may be leading percussion groups with.


Mike Brewer’s Warm Ups
Vocal warm up activities to run with large groups of people.


Further Reading

Simon Reynolds
English music critic, who has written extensively about music and subculture. Not directly related to Young music provision, however his understanding and exploration of youth music subculture is eye opening and provides an interesting insight into these groups.


Further Resources

List of musical Genres

Game Theory ideas