Some of the topics we cover..

We can  combine a  number of different topics and elements,  often working through the arts, to design bespoke training packages to suit your specific needs :-

  • Domestic violence and child sexual abuse inc: child to parent violence, impact of domestic abuse on young people, developing a whole school approach, dating violence, perpetrators and profiles, impact and dynamics, sexualisation in society, risk identification/assessment and management, links between domestic violence and child sexual abuse
  • Working with offenders inc: multi-agency approach to supporting families of offenders, early interventions with young people, working with female offenders
  • Working through creative arts:  using the arts with excluded, vulnerable groups  – including work around families, domestic abuse, restorative justice  – can be combined with the above topics.
  • Restorative Justice:  Skilled RJ facilitators and experienced trainers
  • Mental health
  • Commissioning
  • Community Safety
  • Substance Misuse
  • Voluntary Sector capacity building
  • Partnership working
  • Criminal Justice
  • Monitoring and evaluating service delivery
  • Problem solving for project and partnership development
  • Evidencing impact – including ‘soft’ outcomes
  • Designing effective community safety projects
  • Assessing and responding to clientbase needs
  • Community consultation and engagement
  • Mapping and analysing multi agency service delivery


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