Website/Design Volunteer Urgently Needed – can you help?

Are you an experienced web designer or IT ‘techie’ with creative design flair?  If so the Partnership needs you!!

To improve our outward facing communications and to deliver a clearer message around who we are and what we do, we are currently looking at our overall branding, communications tools and website.   This will involve a potential name change for the Partnership (watch this space!) which we will need to visualise into a new logo/branding  and then incorporate into a new look website which will be easy to navigate and which will deliver an impactful, attractive and clear message about who we are.

CAN YOU ASSIST US WITH ALL or ANY OF THIS?   We do not have the creative design or technical skills (or budget!) to produce either new branding or build the new website (although, we will be able to maintain the website in house if this is created in a CMS format using WordPress for example).

This would be a really interesting project for a volunteer with the right skill set, who is either retired or has chunks of time they can devote to the task (supported of course from the Partnership side by a Project Manager who can provide copy, work alongside and assist through the process).

See the full  Project Brief here – and if you think you are interested please email as soon as possible.  Thank you.



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