Living In An Abusive Relationship

In its various forms, domestic abuse kills people – it destroys not only the lives of the victims and survivors, but the lives of their children and families for generations. There are an estimated 2.4 million victims of domestic abuse a year aged 16 to 74 (two-thirds of whom are women)*  and more than one in ten of all offences recorded by the police are domestic abuse related.   These statistics are real people. The Partnership ran its first conference on domestic abuse back in 1994 and today we are still passionately working to help protect victims.

*Crime Survey England and Wales

Working to Make a Difference

Funded by the Vodafone Foundation since 2011, the Partnership’s TecSOS programme helps protect high risk victims of domestic abuse.  Working closely with the police,  our programme enables victims to be issued with a discreet portable device, fitted with cutting edge technology,  which offers fast track emergency response in times of danger.  Minutes  make the difference between life and death to a victim –  TecSOS  creates those vital, life-saving minutes.

Help is available

Building on the success of  the TecSOS programme, Bright Sky is a free to download mobile app and website providing easy to access information and support.  It can help those who may be experiencing domestic abuse or someone who is worried about them,  better understand their situation and the choices they have.  Through a variety of unique features  the app provides information, support and  a directory of safe, specialist services to access.   Its easy to use guides and videos can help a person better understand abuse, in its various forms,  and offers important tips on how to stay safe.  Produced in  collaboration with Aspirant and Hestia, Thames Valley Partnership is leading the  development and continued growth of Bright Sky UK.

In a world where domestic abuse continues to increase and where technology is sadly often used against the victim, the app harnesses all the positive power of great technology to help protect and support.

Where to Get Help

Through 2021, with the support from the Vodafone Foundation, the Partnership is leading on an international roll out of  Bright Sky across 10 countries, supporting survivor’s, friends, family, businesses and professionals to tackle domestic abuse around the world. Why not connect with loved ones and colleagues across the globe and invite them to download Bright Sky to gain information and support tailored to where they live! The app is currently available in the UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Portugal, South Africa (with Luxembourg, Hungary, Albania and  New Zealand coming soon).

National Domestic Abuse 24 Hour Helpline
Tel. 0808 2000 247

If you are in immediate danger, always call the police on 999.

 Available as an app via the
App Store or Google Play

Only download the app if it is safe
for you to do so and
if you’re sure that
your phone isn’t being monitored.

We Are Here to Help

If you would like to find out more about TecSOS please email the Programme Director Rob Mason on

To learn more about Bright Sky and how it can support your organisation in safeguarding employees and service users? Please contact to schedule your free, online training!

Proud Partners with Vodafone Foundation and  EIDA

Would you like to further your knowledge of domestic abuse, it’s impacts and best practice for supporting those who are/have experienced it? Our Rise for Change Training Programme can equip you to make a real difference. Please visit our training section to find out more.

Harnessing the power of technology to protect, support and educate.