Family Matters

When someone is convicted of a crime, their family can be affected emotionally, financially and practically. Their partner, children, parents and close friends can find themselves facing difficulties, as well as trying to understand the complexities of the legal system.

Who is there to help?

Family Matters is there for you

We understand that having someone close to you sent to prison, or continuing to offend can be the cause of serious problems, particularly if the offender is the main bread winner or carer.  Children in particular may struggle to cope –  teachers and other key contacts may not event be made aware of the traumatic changes at home.   Missing vital signs may have life long consequences for the child and the family.   Our project workers help create a protective buffer round the family, offer practical advice and emotional support.

Family Matters can answer your questions, providing you with the information you need and help to access other  support in the community. We can help you keep family ties open and improve outcomes for everyone involved.

Family Matters is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and The Beatrice Laing Foundation

Support at Court and for Prison Visits

If you have a family member or close friend attending one of the Thames Valley courts listed below, we can support you.

Aylesbury Crown Court
Oxford Crown Court
Oxford Magistrates Court
Milton Keynes Magistrates Court
Reading Crown Court 
Reading Magistrates Court

Our Support Workers also regularly attend HMP Bullingdon and HMP Woodhill Visitor Centres to offer advice, support and information. You can talk to one of our team at the Visitor Centre or contact us on 01844 487985 before your visit if you have questions.   Practical information on how to contact your loved one in prison, send money and  arrange a visit is contained in the adjacent Information Sheets.

Links & Information Sheets

Referral to Family Matters

If you would like more information for yourself or someone else about how our Family Matters team can help,  please  Tel: 01844 487985 or email:  We welcome self-referrals or referrals from the person going to prison who is concerned about their family and close friends. Contact us on the details above.

We also invite referrals from Responsible Officers, Probation Officers, Resettlement Workers, Court Staff, Defence Solicitors, Witness Services, Schools, Children Services or other agencies. If you are an agency referring on behalf of someone else you must gain permission from the individual before making a referral and send us the referral via secure email at