Family Matters Resource Pack


We produce a comprehensive resource pack suitable for practitioners working in various settings such as Children’s Centres, Probation Service, Prison Service, Schools and others who are in direct contact with prisoners and their families. The resource pack is a ‘tool-kit’ to enable and encourage professionals to better support and further understand the issues prisoners’ families are faced with. 

A bespoke version of the resource pack is available for those working in educational sectors.  This tailored pack includes guidelines for schools working with prisoners’ children and electronic resources for Behaviour Support teachers, Learning Mentors and Educational Psychologists to work through the feelings and emotions a child is faced with who has a family member in prison.

Resources devised by Eileen Thompson (Lead Behavioural Support Teacher – Oxfordshire) in conjunction with Thames Valley Partnership

We make a small charge for the packs to cover the costs of resources and production –  £60 +  P&P.  To find out more please contact or call
 01844 202001

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