Other Projects

Other examples of our work with young people include the ‘Airhedz’ project during June 2007 with 10 Alternative Education Providers in Milton Keynes – learning circus and trapeze skills. Facing their fears and challenging themselves physically proved very popular with the students, enabling them to experience some of the adrenalin rush they might otherwise enjoy through more dangerous, possibly criminal, activities.

The PRUs in Reading and Maidenhead have enjoyed street dance classes which has enabled the PRU in Reading, now called Cranbury College, to mainstream the dance activity within the PRU on an on-going basis.

“The biggest impact on the pupils has been on their confidence and self esteem … the transformation over the 8 months has been unbelievable,”

says Nicky Dziewulska-Miles of Cranbury College.

The drama work with Theatre ADAD, which toured to 13 PRU sites during 2006 has been fully evaluated – please contact Judy Munday if you would like a copy of this report.

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