Women at the HeArt

Women at the HeART (Mosaics)Women at the HeArt ran from 2012 until March 2014 aiming to give vulnerable, disadvantaged women more control over their lives, identifying ways of empowering them through the use of creative activities and reconnecting them with their families and communities. The project focussed on women with complex and unmet needs and offered innovative, cost-effective methods of intervention, opening doors and giving women greater access to support services.

Women at the HeART (Beads)Integral to Women at the HeArt was a mentee training scheme as part of our ongoing commitment towards continuing professional development for creative practitioners in the criminal justice field.

The dissemination event for Women at the HeArt was held during February 2014 at Meadowbrook College in Oxford and attended by a range of partners who were involved in the project and those who were interested to find out more about using creativity with vulnerable women.

Alison Leverett-Morris presented the Evaluation Report and concluded that

“Through creative arts processes, Women at the HeArt enabled vulnerable women, support staff and artists to develop new skills, gain confidence and experience a deep sense of personal growth and achievement in both personal and/or professional lives.”

Read more about the project from the evaluation report for Women at the HeArt which is now available to download from the following links:

Full Report
Executive Summary

Further  information contact Judy Munday, Arts Manager

Women at the HeArt was funded by Arts Council England, The Monument Trust and Thames Valley Probation.

 Women at the HeArt - Shoes“It’s been good to express yourself to how you’re
really feeling but can’t put it into words.”

“I felt completed engrossed and distracted from my life”

“I liked that we could ask for what we did in sessions – it made me feel respected”

“I really enjoyed being active and creative rather than things going round and round in my head ”

Women at the HeART (Spoons)“Women at the HeArt has made us think more about why we do what we do and how we can support these women.  Using visual creative expression techniques allows the veil to come down and to discover many different things behind ourselves and behind the women we work with. We are amazed at the beautiful pieces we have all produced!”    Support Staff Member

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