Behind Closed Doors

Thames Valley Partnership hosts an annual seminar for professionals across the agencies involved in domestic violence work in the Thames Valley. Outside speakers give examples of developments in their areas and the network meeting is used as an opportunity for people to catch up with what is going on in the 14 domestic violence forums across the region.   The work of the domestic violence forums is vital in developing true multi-agency responses and the Partnership seeks to link working and develop best practice regionally.

The work of the new domestic violence co-ordinators and local domestic violence strategies has influenced greatly local work in the region. We seek to support and assist these changes.

Behind Closed Doors is also the name of a theatre-in-education workshop developed jointly by Thames Valley Partnership and Theatre ADAD and is now available to schools across the Thames Valley and the south east. For more information see Theatre ADAD website.   In the Thames Valley, Behind Closed Doors is one of the workshops that forms part of the Play it Straight programme of work in pupil referral units.

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