Work with perpetrators

In the Thames Valley and elsewhere there is increased emphasis placed on groupwork programmes with those who commit offences of domestic violence both within the criminal justice system and for those who are concerned about their behaviour and would attend a programme voluntarily.

The Thames Valley Partnership has supported training and development of perpetrator programmes and also hosts Aspects of Abuse, an annual training seminar for professionals either involved in perpetrator work or who have an interest in offending profiles and offending behaviour across the range of domestic and sexual abuse.

We are happy to offer consultancy and training around interventions and work with perpetrators in the community.  If you would like further information on the services we can offer in this area of work please contact

If you would like learn more about the programme of work we undertook in Milton Keynes recently you may like to read our Community Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme – Feasibility Study & Scoping Document, which will give an insight into the type of consultancy we can offer in this field of work.

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