Stop it Now!

Stop it Now! is a public education campaign aimed at preventing child sexual abuse by increasing public awareness and empowering people to act responsibly to protect children.

It is developing a public health approach to the prevention of child sexual abuse through a network of local projects and national initiatives. Supported by a dedicated freephone Helpline, its aim is to provide adults with the information needed to recognise worrying behaviour in themselves or others, and with confidence to take responsible action when they suspect that something is wrong.

In the Thames Valley, Stop it Now! is hosted by the Thames Valley Partnership.

Helpline: Freephone 0808 1000 900

Stop it Now! UK & Ireland’s Helpline offers confidential advice and support to adults. If you are unsure about your own thoughts or behaviour towards children, or the behaviour of someone you know, be they an adult or child, experienced advisors are available to discuss your concerns and offer advice and guidance.

Publicity Material

Awareness raising is a key element in any public health campaign and Stop it Now! has a range of publicity materials available locally from the Thames Valley Partnership. These include information booklets, posters and helpline cards. For further details visit the Stop it Now! UK & Ireland website or download our Publicity Materials Order Form.

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